Creative Ideas from Cameradojo’s Reviews

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Anybody who is serious enough about their photography business knows that CAMERADOJO is not just a photography site online, it is also their partner for a more profitable trade in photography.

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You might not realize this, but CAMERADOJO can do wonders to your photography business in a lot of ways. Take, for instance, their list of reviews, and how these pieces translate themselves as ideas for a business strategy.

For one, these reviews make you a knowledgeable photographer. There’s nothing like knowing what type of tools to use and how to use them effectively. If you have this habit of reading reviews from CAMERADOJO, you get to know the latest trends in photography, especially the gadgets that enhances your photography.

And second, CAMERADOJO allows you to submit articles for them. This is, by far, one of the unique aspects of CAMERADOJO as a photography shop, you get to be a part of their pool of reviewers with that personal yet intelligent take of these gadgets that you have used from CAMERADOJO.

You’re not only a recipient of what’s best from CAMERADOJO by reading their reviews, you also participate in its development by contributing an article for them. And if your prospective photography clients can read these pieces, they will like you even, which could be valuable to your business.

This is a subtle way of promoting your photography business online, courtesy of CAMERADOJO. You are actually marketing your photography business without forcing the issue, so to speak. You’re just indirectly promoting your photography yet in a subtle, but creative way.

Presets, cameras and other gadgets in photography can be found with Cameradojo. You can practically find the photography accessories that you need. You don’t have to dig deeper online for that. All you need to do is visit their link, read their reviews, and start choosing the gadgets of your fancy.

Here’s another idea, though offhand at times, the idea of having some supplements around in the event of doing photography activities. At iherb, for instance, all you need to have is a coupon code for iherb, so you can avail of their health products. Now, that’s elevating your photography in a subtle way.

This only shows that CAMERADOJO is more than just a photography shop, it is a way for your business, too.


Your Resume Samples for Word

  • Resume samples you can use out of Word documents
  • The best resume templates you can get online
  • Making that initial impression through this resume sample for Word

A Word document, in case you don’t know, is quite a platform or sample as far as resumes are concerned. Many, in fact, are using the best resume sample for word every time they apply for that favorite job.


These samples have all the ingredients of a perfect resume. For one, it is clean. No employer wants to read a “stained” resume. We might be using a euphemism, but nobody is in for a resume that is cluttered, in the first place. Second, a resume with a clear message is always a joy to read.

So if you can get the best resume sample for word, that is you start, really, for a promising career. Sending a really good resume is something applicants need to do. And they can’t possibly do that if they don’t at least emulate some of the good points that these resume samples for word can give.

You can incorporate some designs in your resume at times, but it still pays to have this best resume sample for word. There’s clarity every time you go for Word documents for your resume, and which should be the staple of every resume out there.

So scour the web right now, and use the best resume sample for word. Try to experiment with its features, so you present your skills and talents to the fullest, submitting a resume that truly speaks of your personality. Remember, you are more or less selling or advertising yourself for the improvement and development of that office or work you want to associate with.

Word documents are not just for application letters, they are perfect platforms, too, for your resume.


Wedding Photography Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Most photographers are aware that covering a wedding event is one of the hardest and tricky assignments.
  • Here are some tips on how to avoid those mistakes.
  • Listed in here are the most common mistakes that most photographers make when doing a wedding coverage.

Most photographers are aware that covering a wedding event is one of the hardest and tricky assignments. Why? Because there are several things you need to consider when shooting a wedding such as the couples own expectations and ideas, a unique wedding concept and more. In this article, I have listed the most common mistakes that most photographers make when doing a wedding coverage. Also, I’ve included some tips on how to avoid those mistakes.


Wedding Photographer Mistake No. 1: Lack of Photography Skills

Owning a nice and an advanced DSLR camera is not enough for you to take good wedding pictures. Going an extra mile for your career is a must since wedding photography is all about having competent skills and talent.

So before accepting any wedding offers from your friends and family, make sure that you have a good experience and skills in wedding photography.

Wedding Photographer Mistake No. 2: Lighting Exposure Issues

Basically, wedding photography is about capturing every special moment in the event. One of the most important subjects to cover up is the bride’s long and white gown.

However, some wedding photographers cannot catch up with the right levels of lighting exposure. They either make the dress look pale or use high exposure level and make it so much brighter that it looks unreal.

To avoid this type of mistake, make sure to have a trial and error editing session until you get the perfect level of exposure. Also, you can buy those ready to use Lightroom presets wedding by Sleeklens to save time in editing wedding images.

Wedding Photographer Mistake No. 3: Inappropriate Background

Most wedding photographers usually pick an outdoor venue to shoot pre-wedding moments. However, they often choose a place with a poor and inappropriate background for weddings.

To have a nice and pleasant pre-wedding shots, you have to choose a clean and eye-catching place with a good background.


Creating Great Photos with Lightroom Presets

  • Variety of styles courtesy of these presets for Lightroom for your photos
  • User-friendly photo-editing tools for your photos
  • Enhancing your photos like a seasoned photographer via Lightroom presets

Ever since Lightroom came into the photography scene, most of these pictures posted online have gone from being good to being great photos in their own right. And to think that these pictures are enhanced by some ordinary users of Lightroom.

One of the main reasons why Lightroom is making waves in the photography scene is its accessibility. You can download these presets for Lightroom free online any time of the day. So these Lightroom presets free are your secret tools for you to come up with beautiful, stunning pictures that you see online almost every day.


Now, the secret is out. Indeed Lightroom is making strides as far as making these photos a notch higher than the rest. Let’s examine two of its cool features.

Unlimited Style

These Lightroom presets free come in a variety of styles to choose from. In fact, it showcases some of the coolest effects you can think of when it comes to enhancing your photos. With more than 100 presets in its collection, no wonder Lightroom is leading the way when it comes to improving the quality of these photos.

Easy Enhancement

Saving enough time is by far one of the reasons why many choose Lightroom as their photo enhancing solution. Out of its easy to handle tools, you can now edit and make improvements on your photos in less than an hour. And you save enough resources too, because you don’t have to pay your photographer to edit your photo, you can have it by downloading these Lightroom presets free on the web.

These two features alone sums up what it would be like to use these Lightroom presets free on your photos. Don’t waste time now with that obsolete photo enhancing solution you’ve been using for years. Time now to take stock at these Lightroom presets free for the enhancement of your photo images.


How To Start Vintage Photography with Adobe Photoshop

  • “Vintage prints are considered the original piece of art”
  • Vintage photography is the most challenging type of photography.
  • We will give you a tutorial on how to start a vintage photography.

Have you ever thought of transforming a modern scenery to vintage? Well, with the help of today’s digital photography, everything is possible.

What is a vintage photography?

As defined by Wikipedia, “In photography, a vintage print is the first print that the photographer makes immediately after developing a negative. Vintage prints are considered the original piece of art, as it is possible to arbitrarily obtain many copies from the same negative.”

Basically, for some, vintage photography is the most challenging type of photography because you really need to apply the appropriate adjustment to achieve a perfect vintage look. In this article, we will give you a tutorial on how to start creating a vintage photoshop action using the best post-processing tool; Adobe Photoshop.


  • Open the program and select the image you want to transform to vintage.
  • Select a layer, then new adjustment layer, then levels, and hover to the right to increase the amount of black color in the image.
  • To increase the line thickness and contrast of the image, you have to apply a filter to the new layer. Go to filter, then click other and high pass. Set the blending mode to overlay or depending on how you want it to look like.
  • The next thing to do is to lower the amount of contrast in the background layer. To do this, you have to go to layer, then new adjustment layer, brightness and contrast and decrease the amount of negative 20.
  • Once done, add a new curve to the adjustment layer.
  • Then create a new layer that is filled with a full blast magenta style.
  • Choose the background layer of the image, then add an appropriate hue and saturation layer.
  • Make a copy of the background layer and choose filter, then noise and add noise to it.
  • Once you’ve added noise to the image, choose filter on the interface, then select the lens correction button and you’re done. You now have a vintage print look.


Taking that Vow with Lightroom Presets

Of all the important events in your life, your wedding day is probably the most special. So special is this event that you would want to capture every detail of it, from the time of your bachelorette party until the moment when you would say your “I do”.

pe33Lightroom, too, is special to your wedding day. This photo-enhancing tool allows you to capture the memories of that day and in an enhanced manner. Its Lightroom presets wedding collection is the perfect solution in preserving the significance of your vow with quality and cool presets to offer.

Of course, your wedding experience is not complete without your wedding photos. Weddings only happen once in life but the memories of it will live on through your photos. The reason why Lightroom offers a bundle of beautiful wedding presets for you to choose from.

And you can get these presets online free. Not that you can save time with it but that you are also given a diversified collection of artsy and sophisticated presets for your wedding photos.

No doubt you will look good on that day as a bride on your way to your groom, but this Lightroom presets wedding collection will transform your look from being just a mere wife-to-be to a beautiful bride everybody will love.

So check out these presets now. It comes with different styles and color, including black and white, even as you can even use cinematic effects on it to add more drama and character. It is so user-friendly, navigating its tools is as easy as posting your photo online.

You don’t need the aid to a professional photographer anymore. All you need to do is have that camera, with a better angle or position, of course, taking as many pictures as you can and Lightroom will take care of the rest.

Preserve the memories of your wedding day through these Lightroom presets wedding collection. And you will find it quite an experience while you’re editing or enhancing your photos.

From now on, make sure that you include Lightroom as part of your wedding materials, and never make the mistake of saying “I do” if you haven’t made the decision of making Lightroom a handy companion for your wedding day.


Easy Photo Enhancing with Photoshop Actions

The web is littered with so many photo-enhancing applications you can choose from. It is so accessible in that at one click you now have the tools to enhance your photo images. But finding these apps online is one thing, finding the right app is what makes the difference.

photoshopThis is where Photoshop actions come into play. If you are looking to enhance your photos with the same league as that found in expensive magazines, this is the photo app you’ve been looking for.

And you can have your Photoshop actions free online. It offers a wide array of actions to choose from, depending on the effect you wanted for your photo. It comes in all shapes and sizes. You can change the texture of your photo, for instance, into an old one, or you can blur the hue of your image to emphasize a point. These and a whole lot more are some of the features you can get with Photoshop actions.

That is how awesome Photoshop is. You now have control over the enhancement of your photos unlike in the old days when you relinquish the improvements of your photo images to a photographer. You can enhance your photos based on your mood, preference, or what have you, and you can enhance it at the drop of a hat.


What You Need to Know About Lightroom Presets

There are a lot of things you need to know about Lightroom presets. Aside from its tools or presets that you can use with just a single click, all you need to know about Lightroom Presets is that it has means to enhance not just your photo but also your life.


Yes, that is all you need to know about Lightroom Presets. It has the capacity to invoke beautiful feelings out of the beautiful effect it has created on our photos; you are presented and viewed through your photo in a good way most of the time with Lightroom presets. And to others, that means a lot.

Improved Image

Image is all. In fact, others are making a career out of it. To them, being able to present themselves with proper posture or even the right make up is a make or break thing. So Lightroom presets, although it has the capacity to alter certain elements in a photo, only makes sense, because it significantly improves your image, and to your advantage always.

A Better View

Not only it improves your portrait, your image or what have you, it also improves the overall impact of your photo. Lightroom presets doesn’t concern itself with details only, although that has always been the essence of photo enhancing, but it also improves the overall feel of your photo. Aside from that detail of a horse on the field, a Lightroom preset also enhances the panorama where that horse is running.

Greater Look

One of the benefits of having Lightroom presets is its power to generate emotions when the enhancement is done. These are not ordinary photos when initially seen; they are masterpieces in their own right. Works of art through the medium photography.

With its improved image, a better view of its surroundings, plus an even greater look or feel to go with, are such elements of a great life. Lightroom is your total image enhancer online.

So what else do we need to know about Lightroom presets? The answer to that question doesn’t always require a definite reply; all you need to know about Lightroom presets is its capacity to bring out the best in life. That doesn’t require a word though; you just have to feel it.


Guide for Beginners: Setting up Mobile App for Lightroom

At first, I didn’t believe Adobe has made a mobile application for Lightroom. I asked myself if why would I choose to use the mobile app for my images when in fact, I am more comfortable with the desktop version.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile Application on Android.
Adobe Lightroom Mobile Application on Android.

But as my curiosity increases, I finally decided to download and install Lightroom mobile on my Android phone and to my surprise, I have found that the app is very useful for quick and minor edits. Also, I can use the app whenever I travel and needed to modify a specific image.

This article will teach you how to set up Lightroom mobile on your smartphones (Android or IOS operating system).

First thing to do is download the app on Google Play and App store. It will only take 20 MB of your space.

Next is to connect the app on your Adobe ID. But if you don’t have an Adobe account, make sure to sign up on their website. In addition, you have to make sure the application is updated. Also, you have to check if your device is connected to a network or else, the app won’t work appropriately.

When using Lightroom mobile for the first time, you will notice a getting started Lightroom tutorial phrase that will guide you in using the application.

Setting up on your Apple devices

You have to ensure that your Apple or IOS devices is updated and connected to the network. Download the app on the App store.

Image filtering and Quick edits

What’s good in Lightroom mobile is that it allows you to modify, sync and organize your images, but with a limited editing options. It is just intended for quick image editing and Lightroom free presets application.

Lightroom free presets are accessible in Lightroom mobile. But, you are limited to creating collections of presets as it only contains minimum Lightroom features.


Of Landscapes and LR Fanatics

Ever since the arrival of presets as applications for the enhancements of photo images, photography has taken on a different vibe. Now pictures are a mile away from its humble beginnings, it now has its interactive feel for your total viewing pleasure.

camera2This LR Fanatics list of presets for Lightroom offers these types of presets. And it is safe to say that with its varied list, every imaginable enhancement or concern you may have with your photos Lightroom has an answer for that.

These presets come in a collection or bundle, so you can choose and experiment with it in a variety of ways. Not only that, you can also do improvements on certain details of your photo through its brushes, and highlight its features with an edge.

These bundles are so extensive that you never ran out of presets at any given time.

Take, for instance, its “100 Landscape Lightroom Presets”, where you can tryout from a long list of presets for your outdoor images. That alone bespeaks the richness and texture of this LR Fanatics list of presets for Lightroom, covering every photo needs you might have.

Now you can deal with your landscape images with this list of presets in 100 ways. That sounds a lot, but the satisfaction that goes with it is quite rewarding, satisfying even, since you are in for a more diversified enhancement of your action camera hd photos.

Gone are those days when you seek the help of a professional photographer when it comes to improving the lot of your landscape images. Now, with its presets, brushes, workflow, and everything else Lightroom, you can be assured that your outdoor take will have its most satisfying presentation after seeking the help of an LR Fanatic.

Download this app now, and experiment it with your photos, as LR fanatic will do wonders on your social media page. Your landscape will go a long way, not only the “Likes” it can generate but also the image that you have projected through that beautiful outdoor scene you posted online.